What is a Featured Snippet?
Ram Shreayus
December 21, 2021 SEOUncategorized 0 Comment

Are you looking to drive more organic traffic to your website? The “Content” is the only way to bring it. We solve the user problem or provide the answer for their queries then traffic will automatically increase for your website.

Google has introduced the Featured Snippet as the key part of SEO. So everyone should optimise their website to be more content specific to bring traffic or Leads.

What is a Featured Snippet?

The Featured Snippet can also be mentioned as the “Answer Box”, When you have searched for a query on google it will show the answer on the top of the SERP page for your related queries. That position is indicated as the “Zeroth Position” because when a website is optimised for a featured snippet and also content wise it will appear above the paid and the organic results so it is considered as Zeroth Position and when your website is appeared   on snippet there will be a lot more traffic to it. When your website is optimised for it that can’t be guaranteed it will appear on Snippet, There’s a lot more competition for it.


What is a Featured Snippet?



Types of Featured Snippet

There are four different types of Featured Snippets appearing on google SERP result pages, Each snippet is valuable to grow your site. They are,

  • Paragraph Snippet 
  • List Snippet 
  • Table Snippet 
  • Video Snippet

Paragraph Snippet

The Paragraph Featured Snippet displays answers according to your query in a format of paragraph with words of 40 to 60 characters.


What is paragraph Snippet

List Snippet

The List Featured Snippet displays the answers in the format of bulleted lists or in numbered lists for the user defined queries.


What is List Snippet?

Table Snippet

Table snippets display the answers in table format with rows and columns. We can get a maximum of 5 rows and 3 columns.


Table Snippets

Video Snippet

Apart from the text answer snippet Google also displays videos format for certain queries like How to, What are the steps of? Etc…


Video Snippets

Why are Featured Snippets Important?

The Snippets are always helpful to the website to drive organic traffic because the answer boxes always appear on the top of the organic results and the position is called “0th position”. And also there are some benefits too they are,

  • It increases the CTR (Click Through Rate)
  • It helps to increase the branding 
  • It mainly helps when the user searches a query through voice searches.

How to optimise your website for Featured snippets?

The content is always king. High quality content is the only way to rank your website in the Featured Snippets. There are some steps you can take to achieve it. Those are listed below,

  • Choose the right keywords for your website. Mostly target the long tail keywords with questions and answers. It has the higher chance to rank on the snippets.
  • Always make sure that your website has the clearcut answers for the search queries with the char limit of 40 to 50 words.
  • Stay up to date with on page and technical SEO strategies. 
  • The website should be in a proper structure and use the Heading tags whenever possible.
  • Always use images to give examples. Images are easily understandable. Use images in the right format and sizes.

If you’re looking to rank your website on the featured snippets use this article to check whether you have done all the important things. And if you are stuck in between we are always there to help you when you need it. Feel free to contact us Anytime.