Why should you go for SEO services?

SEO Services

More than 70,000+ Google searches happen every second. People searching for everything they need from buying a cycle to getting a job. Internet facilitates the process by delivering the necessary information with secure payment protocols.

If your business is online but not noticed by customers? SEO got you covered. Optimizing your website for users & search engines will fill the gap between you and your customers. SEO helps for your business by finding your targeted audience using targeted keywords.

Why Our SEO Company is the best?

We help businesses by coming up with a white hat SEO strategy that fixes your website warning, errors and Also builds strong backlinks helps to increase the domain and page authority for your profile. Our SEO company in Madurai will be there for you at every stage of Search Engine Optimization.

By having a solid approach in On-page SEO, Technical SEO & Off-page SEO, we create roadmaps for your users & search engines to find the right information. by the direction you got fine results also engaged your business or website. Our SEO secret lies in aligning your website with Google guidelines.

White Hat SEO approach.
“A” grade on-page SEO experts.
10+ Industry sectors Covered.
Niche Link Building.
SEO Services
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High-quality SEO services for exceptional results

digital marketing
Digital Marketing
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Off-Page SEO

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Technical SEO

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What Our SEO Company Do?

carvSEO is a pure digital marketing company. SEO in digital marketing part, we are Google Adwords and SEMrush certified company in Madurai, Tamilnadu, India. We help your business website get a high ranking with significant search engines for specific keywords and phrases.

There are many SEO company in Madurai. But we are the best one for providing SEO services in Madurai. we help us analyze your business objective. After that we create how we have to find out the regions in which we should apply search engine optimization. In this stage, you will get a clear view of how to move with bringing your brand on top of the keywords.

We help every business to achieve their business goals using proven SEO strategies such as,


SEO Goal

Our SEO Professional defines your business goal and comes up with the perfect plan that suits your business.


Site Audit

Site audit helps to find out the site speed, content quality, backlinks, errors, and much more.


Competitor Analysis

It helps to create competitive strategies to showcase your business strength.


Keyword Research

Analyzing the user search queries and improving your website to reach the targeted customers.


On-Page Optimization

Optimizing your website helps to easily identify potential users and search engines.


Off-Page Optimization

Acquiring links from relevant websites helps to earn trust and improve ranking from search engines.


Content Writing

Our content writers were good at creating unique content that performs better in the search engine.



Monitoring your site traffic, ranking, performance, conversion, site health, and security.


Monthly Reports

Our monthly reports consist of up-to-date details of site ranking, traffic, and performance.

Benefits of SEO

Quality Traffic
Quality traffic
High Conversion & Close Rates
High conversion & close rates
Stay Ahead Of Competitions
Stay ahead of competitions
Build Your Brand Trust
Build your brand trust

Our affordable SEO services pricing

Silver Plan

$ XXX/ Month
  • Flexible Solution
  • Suitable for Small Business
  • Competitive Strategy
  • Local Reach
  • 1:4 Customer support

Gold Plan

$ XXX/ Month
  • Modern Solution
  • Perfect for Startups
  • Advanced Strategy
  • Wide Reach
  • 1:1 Customer support

Platinum Plan

$ XXX/ Month
  • Advanced Solution
  • Build & Grow your Brand
  • Growth Hacking Strategy
  • Global Reach
  • Premium Customer Support

Our SEO Company FAQS

How many days does it take to rank on the first page of Google?

Within 4-5 months, you can expect to see rankings for your targeted keywords in the first page. It depends upon the competition too and may vary. 

What is the difference between these pricing plans?

Each plan differs in number of keywords targeted plus the detailed reporting, customer support, advanced tracking tools used.

Will I get sales from doing SEO?

Yes, you can see the sales numbers & customers visit increase gradually when achieved rankings. To get more sales, we advise transactional keywords.

Do you use black hat SEO?

No, we are not using the black hat SEO. We love search engines. Doing black hat will give you a competitive edge in the short term but in the long term, it may backfire on you.