Sabiq Ahamed
October 26, 2021 Google Ads 0 Comment

You’ve spent a lot of money on Google advertising but aren’t seeing the results you expected? Then, you’re at the right place. Jot down the key points I’ll be sharing with you today. Wait? “How did I come up with a winning strategy?” you might wonder. To answer this topic, we PPC experts conducted A/B testing for our clients on Google ads bidding strategy and gained a strong understanding of how it works. So, let’s get started.

Define your goals

The first step is to comprehend how Google advertisements may benefit your company. Consider your ideal consumers and the beneficial action they may do as a result of seeing your Google advertising. Whether they need to call you, fill out a form, talk with you, or visit your website and take action to learn more about you, they will find it on your website. The purpose of Google advertising is defined like this. It is easier to keep the process running smoothly when your goals are well-defined.

Secret strategy for Conversions

Most of us wanted to get the results instantly as you go live in Google ads. But that’s not going to happen overnight. Even Google machine learning models still take some time to understand the behaviour of your users to adjust the campaign accordingly. By the way, as PPC experts, we would always tell our clients that “ Don’t put all eggs in one basket”. Saying that the ad budget should be spent across multiple campaigns to drive the conversions more. For example, instead of spending $20,000 on single search campaign, you can split them into 4 campaigns like as follows

  • Brand awareness -> Go for Display Campaign -> Contextual Targeting
  • High intent users -> Search campaign – > Initial Keyword research
  • Remarketing -> Display Campaign -> Re-target the website visitors
  • Local visibility -> Local stores visit campaign -> Target location nearby
  • Sales -> CPA search campaign -> Potential Keywords

When to go for a CPA Campaign?

As you see them above, you split $4000 each to make it more effective. See the idea is you reach the audience in mass manner via brand awareness campaign. You get a lot of users to your website via website traffic campaign. Those who don’t take action on the website can be targeted with a remarketing campaign. 

You get a regional targeted audience via local campaigns which offer minimum cpc that most of the ppc’s are underestimating. Unfortunate to hear that? not us. We make every campaign win the competition. After a good number of conversions as you recorded in the table, run a sales campaign by setting a Target CPA based on Google recommended budget (preferred).

Summing up

More arguably, google ads work in myriad ways for different industries. If we set up the goals and roadmap systematically, we can leverage the ROI as the days goes on and you can take your hands off. On the other hand, if you worked without a plan and bidding strategy, you need to counter google ads on an everyday basis with minimum probability of making high ROI and leads.

Need help setting up a winning lead generation campaign for your business? Get a free consultation  with our Google ads experts and plan accordingly.