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how online marketing helped in this pandemic
Sabiq Ahamed
February 10, 2022 Digital MarketingGoogle AdsPPCSEM 0 Comment

How Online marketing helps business in this pandemic

Covid-19 changed everything from buying, selling, seeing, learning  and experiencing the things we did before. Obviously, covid-19 pandemic has been the downfall for many brands. But here in this article, we will talk about how business survived in the pandemic via online marketing. Even m...
how to write google ads title and description for more conversions
Sabiq Ahamed
December 29, 2021 Google AdsPPC 1 Comment

Tips to write Google Ad Copy for more conversions

Google ads became a household name for all small businesses, entrepreneurs, and emerging startups after this pandemic. Why? Because it helps them to expand their business and acquire new customers online. I bet you must have come across this inspiring pickle ads story on YouTube.  Many of us th...
keyword research for seo and google ads
Sabiq Ahamed
November 10, 2021 Google AdsSEO 0 Comment

How to do keyword research for SEO & Google ads

Keyword research is no more scientific research mechanism if you understand it well. Yes, you heard that right. Keyword research is the general process every marketers, seo analysts, CMOs, sales people will do to understand how the users search for their business in Google & other search engines...
Sabiq Ahamed
October 26, 2021 Google Ads 0 Comment

Google Ads Bidding Strategy For More Conversions in 2021

You’ve spent a lot of money on Google advertising but aren’t seeing the results you expected? Then, you’re at the right place. Jot down the key points I’ll be sharing with you today. Wait? “How did I come up with a winning strategy?” you might wonder. To answer this t...
5 Best Google Ads Extension
Thapreel Alam
September 06, 2021 Google Ads 0 Comment

5 Best Google Ads Extension You Should Try Now

Google Ads is one of the effective paid advertising which helps to drive traffic, leads & conversion. It is expensive when compared Instagram & Facebook advertising platforms. Online advertising is very competitive right now, and other businesses will spend more money to overcome the co...