Top 10 Link Building Strategy
Thapreel Alam
November 22, 2021 SEO 0 Comment

Link building is one of the important parts of SEO strategy. It helps to increase domain authority, website traffic, brand visibility, and conversion rate.

Marketers love to build a link to drive referral traffic and also increase website authority. Where, link building can be categorized into two types – White hat link building & Black hat link building.

White hat link building (Natural or Organic link building method) followed by Google webmaster guidelines. It is the process of building quality links with relevant content to drive organic and referral traffic. It takes more time to build a white hat link. Some of the white hat link building strategies are,

  • Quality & relevant Content
  • Relevant links & reference
  • Unique and relevant page titles and URLs.
  • Brand Building
  • Natural keyword density

Black hat link building (Spam link building method) is the process of driving high traffic with irrelevant links and content. Marketers do not recommend this type of link-building activity because your site may get penalized under Google search guidelines. Some of the black hat link building strategies are, 

  • Duplicate content
  • Invisible text
  • Keyword stuffing
  • Redirecting users to other sites
  • Links with non-relevant content

SEO experts focus on building white-hat links for the website to follow the webmaster guidelines to avoid penalties. 

Here are the 10 secret link building strategies to follow in 2022,

Top 10 Link Building Strategy

1. Broken Link Building

Broken link building is a technique to find another website broken links and reach out to receive a backlink for our website. Use SEMrush or Ahref tool to find the broken link in an instant. 

2. Claim Brand Mentions

Brand mention can be used to tell about your company’s product or services to the customers online. It can happen on blog posts, resource pages, educational content, news article, review posts, and more. Reach out to the website webmaster where your brand name has been mentioned and approach them to claim the mention into a link.

3. Spy on your Competitor Backlink Strategy

Always keep an eye on your competitor’s link-building strategy which helps to stay one step ahead of all your competition. Some of the tools like Ahref, SEMrush, Majestic SEO, and Moz help to find competitor backlinks.

4. Participate in Q/A Sites like Quora

Participate on Question and answer sites like Quora, Stack exchange,,, and more. Where we can find the relevant question regarding our product or services and answer them accordingly by solving their problem which helps to build brand awareness and trust.

5. Skyscraper Technique

The skyscraper technique is a method of finding high-ranking content and creating a better piece of content and promoting the content that will help to earn more quality backlinks.

  • Check for high competition keywords
  • Research and analyze top-ranking content
  • Create a better content
  • Promote and outreach the content

6. Resource Pages

A resource page is the pillar page of the website to provide all valuable information for the specific topic. By focusing on writing relevant content for the specific topic will help to earn quality links from external website resource pages.

7. Expert Roundups

An expert roundup is a type of blog post, reviews, interviews from multiple experts that help to earn high-quality backlinks from a related website which drives traffic, builds trust, and increases website authority.

8. Help A Reporter Out (HARO)

HARO is the best link-building strategy to earn DA 90+ backlinks from high trusted websites like Forbes, Bluehost blog, Entrepreneur, and more.

Just register on the HARO as a Source, you will receive three emails a day with a different set of questions. Research and write for the topic no longer than 200 words. If the journalist is interested they will reach out to you for more information, it is one of the possible ways to earn links.

9. Link Reclamation

Link Reclamation is the method of finding the lost backlink and reclaiming it back will help to regain link value, build a link profile, and increase page ranking.

10. Engaging with Local Communities

Engaging with local communities to host or participate in events, seminars, and workshops. Providing sponsorship, scholarships, and donation to local business associations can help to build brand awareness, and earn influential links.

Wrapping Up

Always follow the webmaster guidelines in the link-building activities. Don’t spam users by building irrelevant content & links to drive traffic. It may affect your brand reputation and also your website might get penalized. If you are looking for experts to build links for your website reach out to and get a free quote.