How to Increase Website Traffic?
November 27, 2021 Digital Marketing 0 Comment

When you get the website traffic you will got more opportunities to convert users. Most business people are trying to show their brands. But typically they are making some mistake in their branding promotion. Nowadays all the people in digital also are promoting themself. The problem that a maximum of people face about how to promote their brands and how to get traffic for their website and social media platform.

Here are some tips and techniques available. how to get more traffic to your website and social media platform. How to show what your brand is.

There is 3 types of method to increase traffic on your website

  1. Paid traffic
  2. Organic traffic  
  3. Referral traffic 

Most of the traffic is powered by google. All kinds of paid traffic is based on spending some amount and targeting people. Based on the target people seen the Ads but some people are not active in your Ads. so we need to retarget them. The retargeting ads work on both social media marketing and google ads. It can help to retarget people. So we cannot miss the people. There is no different target location and age. It can be worked by the same target people and location.

Google search Ad

When you search in google it provides two varieties of searches paid and organic. The paid search is fully based on paying some amount to google by the support it works. Also, we can target the location and keywords. In paid search google shows the result on top of the business page it shows the four results and bottom of the organic search it shows three results. The top and bottom search results are based on the keyword usage and bidding strategy for you to get the fine result you need to do “Ad rank” formate.

Google Business Profile Ads

Google my business Ads exposes the result at the top of the google my business page. It can serve on paying to Google and keywords base. It can help to engage business in your location.

Social media Ads

Nowadays all people are utilizing social media so we can easily influence people. it helps all kinds of platforms especially for e-commerce it proffers fine results. The result can be manifested in the middle of posts and it can be done on top of stories and texts. It can run on targeting your location, age, gender, and interest. It is suitable for all social media platforms similar to Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Linkedin.

Display Ads

The Display Ads is preceded by google ads. The display is fully built on photography creatives. It can work the same as social media marketing. It covers the people by the creatives. The creatives must be unique and catchy.

Organic traffic is coming from SEO, profile site and search engine links.It is fully based on organic. On-page activity and off-page activity.

Perform Keyword Research

Research the fine keywords for your website. Use one high-volume keyword then use middle-volume keywords. Make the title, description, and content by the base of keywords. When you using those terms when google read your website. It will rank your website on keyword based.

Create Memorable Content

Why are we writing infinite content on our website? Because Google prefers the content. It reads the content of our site by the base it helps to rank and increase the traffic to your website. If you need traffic on your website. Create unique content with the aid of keywords. The keywords need to be stuffed by keyword density it can be in ( 2 – 3% ). do not hide the content as you read more. use the content as readable on your website.

Keep Active Social Media Pages

All varieties of organizations and people are using social media. It can be used to promote and brand them. Keep engaging social media for your website. Use the unique title, description, and hashtag in your post. Also, add the social media profile links to your website.

Influential Publications

The influential publication is helping to engage the product’s service base in your website. Use the long tail keyword in publication. Give the right description, address, and phone number. Use high-quality publication.

Online reputation management

It drives public opinion about a business and its products and services. It is nothing but the base of your website reviews and social media. This is fast and increases your brand significantly.

Write a blog

When you create the content of your website. We can’t stuff some keywords in your Landing page. Writing the blog helps to stuff the missing keywords are high volume keywords it should contain a maximum of 600 words above. Give the internal link to your website. It helps to increase the ranking of your website.

Guest blogging

Exchange backlinks are taken in Guest posting. When we write a blog also some other person writes a blog. By this direction, we can exchange the link from one to another. It can create some unique traffic on your website.

The referral traffic is coming from social media platforms and other profile sites.

The referral traffic has grown from various platforms like social media, image submission, and other sources. When we do social media activity and others. the post will be in eye -catching. it can be shared with some others. By the base, some unknown traffic will be created. Most of the referral traffic is taken from social media platforms.

If you are looking to increase organic, paid and referral traffic to your website contact our experts. and get a free quote.