5 Best Google Ads Extension
Thapreel Alam
September 06, 2021 Google Ads 0 Comment

Google Ads is one of the effective paid advertising which helps to drive traffic, leads & conversion. It is expensive when compared Instagram & Facebook advertising platforms.

Online advertising is very competitive right now, and other businesses will spend more money to overcome the competition. But, if you implement a strategy with the right Google ads extension which helps to increase ad rank and click-through rate.

What is Google Ads Extension?

Extensions will help to expand your ad in the Google search result with more information like call buttons, location information, links to specific parts of your website, additional text, and more.

Benefits of using Google Ads Extension

  • Better ad quality
  • Increase ad rank
  • Improves CTR
  • More qualified leads

Types of Google Ads Extension

  • Location Extension
  • Affiliate location extensions
  • Call Extension
  • Message Extension
  • Sitelink Extension
  • Callout Extension
  • Structured Snippet Extension
  • Price Extension
  • Review Extension
  • App Extension
  • Social Extension
  • Promotion Extension
  • Lead Form Extension

How to set up Google Ads Extensions

Log in to your Google Ads account,

  • Select your ad campaign where you are going to add Google ads extension.
  • Click on “Ads & Extensions” and create a new extension by clicking on the “+” sign
  • There you can choose the specific ad extension from the drop-down menu
  • Click the specific ad extension you want and click save.

5 Best Google Ads Extensions

Here are the 5 best Google ads extensions you should try on your ad campaign for more visibility and conversion.

1. Sitelink Extension

Sitelink extension displays the specific pages to the search engine result page (SERPs) which help users to find relevant information faster.

Sitelink extensions can be used on Search Campaigns & Video campaigns – YouTube only. In the search campaign, You need at least 2 sitelink extensions for desktop and at least 1 sitelink extension for mobile. In a video campaign, you need at least 2 sitelink extensions to appear in the ad.

Sitelink Extension

Benefits of Sitelink Extension

  • Detailed data about clicks.
  • Easy to configure.
  • Schedule with start & end dates.
  • Easy to edit sitelink extension without losing any data.
  • Customize sitelink for mobile and devices.

2. Call Extension

Call extension will help you to add your phone number to the ads. It helps your customers to connect with you by direct phone calls. Call extension helps to increase click-through rate, drive more engagement to your ad, and gets more conversion.

Call Extension

3. Call out Extension

Callout extension is a word or phrase that appears below your ad copy which highlights your business information. It helps to promote product offers, availability, free shipping, and more.

Callout extension can be shown from 2 to 6 words in addition to your ad text.

Call Out Extension

Benefits of Callout extension

  • Highlight your business information and offers.
  • Flexible 
  • Easy to update without changing your ads.
  • Increase CTR

Example for Callout

  • Up to 50% offer
  • Limited time
  • Free shipping
  • Cashback
  • 5-Day Returns
  • Shop Today

4. Lead Form Extension

Lead form extension helps the user to submit their information in a form directly in your ad. It is one of the best extensions for generating high-quality leads. This extension can be used in search, display, discovery, and video campaigns.

Lead form extension allows you to collect customer information like Name, email, phone number, and postal code. Where you can customize it based on your preference.

And, there are 8 Call to action buttons available, select any one based on your business goal.

  • Get quote
  • Apply now
  • Sign up
  • Contact us
  • Subscribe
  • Download
  • Book now
  • Get offer 
Lead Form Extension

Specification needed for Lead form extension

  • Background Image: 1200*628 dimension
  • Business Name: up to 30 characters
  • Headline: up to 30 characters
  • Description: up to 200 characters

Benefits of Lead form extension

  • Generate quality leads
  • Increase conversion rates

5. Location Extension

Location extension helps to show your business location below the ad text. It helps your customers to directly visit your store location.

Location Extension

Try the above extensions on your Google ads to increase ad positions, engagement rate, CTR, and conversions. We’re damn sure your ads can give fruitful results.  Still, if you need any help in setting up your paid ad campaign, contact our Digital marketing company now, We’re happy to help you.