how to write google ads title and description for more conversions
Sabiq Ahamed
December 29, 2021 Google AdsPPC 1 Comment

Google ads became a household name for all small businesses, entrepreneurs, and emerging startups after this pandemic. Why? Because it helps them to expand their business and acquire new customers online. I bet you must have come across this inspiring pickle ads story on YouTube. 

Many of us think about how to get our business online and want to increase the sales even though the pandemic exists. But how to run Google ads for maximum return? Probably you may hire a dedicated PPC ads consultant or do your own. Neither can be okay but double check the performance of your campaign once every cycle.

If you are doing google ads on your own, then we can help you with most sought questions and tips to improve the performance. Spend at least 30 minutes every week to review the ads copy and make adjustments. Let’s see how to do it.

How to write a google ad copy

  • Copy the best ads and alter them. In the ads overview dashboard, see which ads are getting maximum impressions and clicks. Then write a similar copy that resonates best with your business.
  • If you are tired of explaining your services or products in all ad copies, go for marketing terms like discounts, free trial, offer for new customers etc. Mix the terms with your ads and review them weekly.
  • Steal your competitors ad copies and make your touch in it. Be sure that you are getting ideas from top positions ads. By doing this, you are able to improve the ad rank in a quick way.
  • Don’t make complicated terms in ad copy. Write and make adjustments if you have complex terms in the ads. Think in the customer point of view and read as you are a customer. If the ad copy satisfies your expectations, you are good to go.
  • Include the real numbers. We as Google ads experts suggest our customers include the numbers in their ad copies For example, terms like 100+ happy customers so far, 25 years of experience etc. These terms give strong signals to users’ minds trusting more on you.
  • Add your primary keywords with human touch. Keywords are the must thing to include in the ads but don’t stuff them as it is. Mix and blend your business unique features to attract the users. Remember that we are writing for humans not for bots.
  • Create ad copy by mentioning the geographic location you are targeting. It does not apply to you if you are targeting globally. For example, instead of “Steel manufacturers” we can write “Steel manufacturers in Madurai city”. It connects your audience with the ads and triggers them to contact you.
  • Cut the repetitive terms in the ad copy and exclude them in future. Create an excel sheet and upload all your ad texts in that. Cross check them to make sure the copies are not duplicated in future.
  • Call to action is the trump card for every ad copy that converts. Because CTA text is the most important thing that makes the customers do the action. It may be anything like calling you, filling out the form, shopping from you etc. Carefully carving your Call to action makes your ads win the click competition.

Other than this, there are a lot of techniques you can implement and A/B test on your own. But remember, you are not playing with the toys! You spend real money in ads and need maximum return from it. Right? Get advice from experienced google ads experts in our company to multiply your ROI. Fill out the form, we call you back.