how online marketing helped in this pandemic
Sabiq Ahamed
February 10, 2022 Digital MarketingGoogle AdsPPCSEM 0 Comment

Covid-19 changed everything from buying, selling, seeing, learning  and experiencing the things we did before. Obviously, covid-19 pandemic has been the downfall for many brands. But here in this article, we will talk about how business survived in the pandemic via online marketing. Even many startups have approached our carvseo team to get help on getting new customers online.

Google & Facebook Ads

Google and Facebook are the biggest mammoths behind 80% of the ads we saw online. The two platforms really helped businesses of every size in the pandemic. Since there is no hope for billboard advertisements, business owners depend only on TV, Mobile ads. And Digital is the only medium people jumped into regularly. It is very surprising to see even small companies think this strategically and quickly get into Google and Facebook advertising to get more sales. Marketers are asked to target products/services in the hyper local region. They have gone crazy to do promotions in a user centric way.. 

“When compared with old style of marketing, online marketing seems to be cost effective”, says business owners. They think it is easy to update the marketing message frequently in the case of seasonal promotions, festive offers etc., In this Diwali season alone, online ads spend jumped to the new peak than ever before. Thanks to the holy digital marketers and PPC ads specialists who make this possible. 


E-learning has become the new normal nowadays. People want to spend their time as valuable by watching videos on how to tutorials, online courses, webinars, online events etc.  Educational platforms like BYJU have made a large footprint in the e-learning media since the schools and colleges are restricted with covid guidelines. In fact, Byju’s spent Rs 881.1 crore on advertising in FY20. This is something really big coming in online marketing. With new innovations coming into focus in e-learning, online ads really help in connecting brands and consumers. Cohort based learning became the ultimate trend getting noticed by generation Z and millenials. We need to watch this space on how it gets shaped with the evolutionary change happening.


Shopping seems to be super easy now. We tap into the mobile, search online on what we need, compare the popular products, then buy the best products. Imagine how much time it will take to do this in offline shopping. That’s why online shopping is becoming so helpful even in remote rural villages. Credits go to the shipping delivery services, partners who made this successful. Customers tend to buy the products more often if they like the online reputation of the brand. They wish to connect with the brands in an interactive way rather than a one way approach. 

Conversational commerce can happen easily with the help of whatsapp. Consumers can ask whatever they want to know. Many famous brands have started to use whatsapp as their primary customer support. When people see ads in Facebook, they can easily click the message button to ask the query in whatsapp. Really super easy. Are you using whatsapp as the communication channel? If not, it’s the right time to go.

Get to know

There are a lot of new trends, innovations happening in the world. But communication becomes the wholesome hindrance in connecting consumers with brands. Online marketing blows out these obstacles by helping brands to deliver their message at the right time. Right time, right thing is the backbone of online ads. If the brands used them properly,  the results would be enormous. Carvseo Team supports you through every stage of your digital journey wherever possible. Get a free consultation from our experts.