keyword research for seo and google ads
Sabiq Ahamed
November 10, 2021 Google AdsSEO 0 Comment

Keyword research is no more scientific research mechanism if you understand it well. Yes, you heard that right. Keyword research is the general process every marketers, seo analysts, CMOs, sales people will do to understand how the users search for their business in Google & other search engines. The purpose is simple. They may need to make an SEO strategy for a website or get into google ads for running campaigns. Are you one of them? Then sit back and enjoy this blog where I am going to tell you the perfect way to save your time in keyword research.


Keyword analysis & research is split up into three sub divisions in general. 

  • Commercial keywords
  • Informational keywords
  • Transactional keywords

If you don’t know this type of keywords before, read this amazing blog written by SEMrush for a cut above understanding. Okay, now let’s get into SEO. For SEO, which keywords would you choose? SEO is the long term strategy that focuses on getting potential customers lifelong forever. So, you can employ all the keyword types in SEO. Because, when you look at the funnel of user behaviour as below,

Informational keywords

Commercial keywords

Transactional keywords

People search for whatever they need at the moment. They may find the solution for their problems in the upper funnel(informational). After finding out the solution, they might search for the best solutions(commercial) or product in the market. Then they will go for the exact product/service name.(Transactional). A quick example can help you.

How to get customers online? – Informational keywords

Best digital marketing company – Commercial keywords

CarvSEO digital marketing packages  – Transactional keywords

For Google Ads

In Google ads, every dollar spend is countable towards your ROI. It is very important to select the keywords that give results. You don’t want to wait for 1week for your customers to choose you. That only works in SEO. You need instant results in Ads. Most of the PPC agencies advise you to go for transactional keywords for maximum ROI. Because the conversion is quicker as the customers pass by all the top funnels and are ready to buy. 

Also, informational & broad keywords may be cost consuming for you that results in average ROI. Bigger brands, Organization would do this since they need to brand their message everywhere. If you are small business owners, medium size businesses, go for lower funnel. So, the choice can be yours depending upon the size of your business. We won’t damn sure that this works for all the cases. Each business is different from a different perspective. It is better to get google ads experts help or hiring a ppc agency can be life saving. 

Do share your comments on your experience in doing keyword research. Perhaps if you need help making right keyword suggestions, drop us a message. We’ll be there for you.